“After six months of searching for our first home, viewing over sixty homes, and going through no less than five real estate agents and brokers and six different offers on homes, we finally achieved the dream of home ownership. Throughout this grueling ordeal, I can honestly say that the only person, and company, I truly felt had our best interest in mind was Full Circle Home Loans and their staff.

Even the multitude of individuals who represented us as “agent” on the buyers side never gave us the consideration and attention that the staff and Full Circle Home Loans did throughout the buying process. Full Circle Home Loans and his staff promptly and thoroughly answered our questions, concerns, returned emails and phone calls, and never made false representations or promises they couldn’t keep.

In this shady and frustrating transaction of residential real estate, our family felt that only the team at FC Home Loan handled our transaction and dealt with us with integrity and full honesty.”

Cang L., Riverside, CA

“Based on our prior experiences with shady brokers and the reality that our house was simply not worth what we originally paid for it, we held out little hope in refinancing. However, Full Circle Home Loans laid out all of our options and ultimately guided us through what would become a rather complicated and time-consuming process.

Full Circle and their associates were informative, educated and always available (they would even return my emails on Saturday night). I know I could call the owners with any questions, no matter how complicated or minimum, they would take the time to explain the process in such a way that my wife and I could understand.

I am happy to say, that after an arduous journey, we have now refinanced our home. We now have a sense of security and peace of mind in knowing that our rate will never go up and we will one day have our home paid off. Not only did Full Circle explain the process but, probably even more important, they found us what I would consider the best possible rate available. I trusted Full Circle Home Loans with my home and would recommend them in a heartbeat. After seven years wondering and worrying about what would happen when our mortgage adjusted, we no longer have to live with that fear.

Full circle and their staff’s professionalism and dedication is absolutely first-rate, which is rare in an industry that is fraught with seediness and dishonesty. Thank you Full Circle Home Loans and more importantly, thank you to all your staff!”

– Greg D., Los Angeles, CA

“When I bought my first home two years ago, I had good but little credit history. Full-Circle Home Loans worked with me to get pre-approved for an FHA loan with a very competitive interest rate. I relied heavily on the staff at Full Circle Home Loans with their experience and knowledge of the industry to help me understand the whole process. It was refreshing to work with a broker who is so informative, honest, and trustworthy.”

Amanda H., Riverside, CA

“Full Circle Home Loans represented me with the purchase of my first home. The lending industry is incredibly difficult to navigate, but Full Circle and their team were there for every step of the transaction. Full Circle Home Loans was always available by email, text and phone to answer my questions.“They reassured me when I thought the transaction would not go through, and they treated my home loan like it was his top priority, even though I know they had several other transactions going through at the same time. They were available on weekends and did everything they could to keep the process moving along.

Moreover, Full Circle and their team were professional, knowledgeable and very creative in brokering the loan. I cannot thank the team at Full Circle enough for all the time that they spent applying for and securing my loan.”Now I have a beautiful home in San Diego, California. I would definitely go to Full Circle Loans for my next home purchase!”

Andrea A., San Diego, CA

“At 26 years old, I purchased my first home, a home I would like to raise a family in, and I have Full Circle Home Loans to thank for the smooth home purchasing process throughout. Two months prior to becoming a homeowner I knew nothing about the complicated and intimidating financing and lending regulations, not to mention the competitive real estate market. After learning my price range, knowledge of real estate, life goals, and home preferences, Full Circle Home Loans worked at my pace, within my guidelines and knowledge level, and made my home purchasing process as effortless and efficient as possible. From day one, I could tell that I was not just another client to Full Circle Home Loans, I was a friend who they wanted to find a home for to suit my best interests.

They went above and beyond their roles as brokers. They were available day and night, worked around my schedule, strived to meet my goals, and all the while they maintained a positive attitude and reassuring smile to guide me through this process. To show how thoughtful, proactive, and dedicated their staff was, within one year of helping me with the financing of my home, Full Circle helped me to refinance! Not only had interest rates dropped and they lowered my payment substantially, but the value of my home had risen!

To Full Circle and the team, I am still in deep gratitude for all the behind the scenes work they did to make me, a single 26 year old with no real estate experience, a homeowner. Not only will I continue to refer friends and family to Full Circle Home Loans, but if I ever have to purchase another home, I will only do it through them.”

Brad H., Redlands, CA

“It had been over 17 years since I bought my last home. The realty market and financing have totally changed since then. Full Circle Home Loans was current and very knowledgeable about all the recent changes in the lending laws that had happened when I was purchasing my condo in San Diego.

They worked well with my realtor and kept him informed of the timeline with my financing. My realtor even commented how great it was to work with them. Full Circle Home Loans and their staff were friendly, courteous and always available to answer any questions I had.

I would recommend Full Circle Home Loans to all my friends.”

Leslie B., Upland, CA

“After using Full Circle Home Loans for my first home purchase and for my subsequent streamline re-finance less than a year later, I would feel completely comfortable recommending their services to anyone. Their knowledge of the housing market and of loan structuring and requirements are beyond reproach in my opinion. I could go to them with any question and found them always readily available and able to quickly provide answers. The overall professionalism, enthusiasm, and tirelessly working with us to find the right home was outstanding.”

Eric G., San Diego, CA

“When we made the decision to purchase our first home, it was a somewhat overwhelming idea. We met with the team at Full Circle Home Loans initially to discuss our financial situation. We met directly with the owners who very gracious with their time and very thorough in their explanation of getting the process started.

Once we got the process started, Full Circle Home Loans was with us each step of the way, and did a tremendous amount of work to get us the best deal possible. Their staff continued to make themselves very available and were always patient and friendly in explaining what was going on; we both got a great education about home loans through this process.

Full Circle Home Loans was very timely and thorough in getting us our documents and moving the process through, and made the whole process surprisingly smooth. Their expertise, dedication, and care once again manifested when they alerted us that we had the ability to refinance our home after 6 months of paying our mortgage on time; they saw that the conditions of the bond market made it favorable for us to get an even lower interest rate than the one we already had (which was already a low rate!). This type of attention to the customer is a rare thing and much appreciated.

Once again, Full Circle Home Loans worked very hard to secure this new interest rate and was very timely in getting the refinancing process moving for us. Overall we had a great experience with Full Circle Home Loans, and would definitely recommend this company, and it’s dedicated ownership to anyone! We both had complete trust in this company, which helped ease the nervousness that comes naturally along with making the biggest investment of your life!”

Heidi and Dan H., La Crescenta, CA

“I thought I would share a few words about our positive experiences with Full Circle Home Loans. This company guided my husband and I through the home-buying process every step of the way-from 6 months before our purchase (to advise us on final steps we needed to take to polish up our credit scores and finances) to 6 months after our purchase (to make sure everything was going well)!

Looking back, I can recall feelings of fear and anxiety about mortgages and real estate until Full Circle Home Loans entered the picture. They were able to explain everything in terms I was able to understand, and was happy to repeat them over and over to me, in my moments of stress. They worked BEYOND what I’m pretty sure other mortgage brokers would work and truly made me feel like our transaction was of the utmost importance, despite my knowing that they had other transactions to handle as well.

In moments where I became pessimistic, they refuted with optimism and that optimism paid off in December 2010 when, thanks to Full Circle’s knowledge and diligence, our transaction closed and we became homeowners! Due to complications with our credit records, I am certain that had we gone with any other broker, I would not now be typing this from our beautiful home.

Above and beyond’ doesn’t even begin to describe the way in which Full Circle Home Loan worked for us. I will confidently use Full Circle for all of our future purchases and am always excited to refer him to my friends and family. Thank you, Full Circle!!

Christina and Gerson, O., Highland, CA

“Full Circle Home Loans helped us twice in refinancing our house. Obviously we were quite pleased with the team or we wouldn’t have gone back for the second refinance. They were always available by phone or email and were most helpful and patient and answered any questions we had. When we were due a refund from our previous lender they worked extremely hard to help us to obtain it. We would definitely use Full Circle again and have recommended them to several family and friends.

Thanks for all your help!”

Joanne and Gary, Whittier, CA

process easy. They were able to walk us through step-by-step and guide us through the loan qualification process. They were able to find a loan that worked for us, with an amazingly low APR, which made our dream of buying a home closer to our family a reality. I’m pleased to report that we’ve been in our new home for one week now and are happier than ever because Full Circle Home Loans helped us out!

Because of their can-do attitude and commitment to customer service, I’ve referred them to several friends and family members. I’d highly recommend them to everyone.”

Amy H., Chino, CA

“I highly recommend Full Circle Home Loans!! My family and I have used them to purchase not one but three different homes. They care about you and will help you out with everything from the beginning to the end of the process. Then even check in on you after to ensure you are satisfied with your home! They are dedicated professionals with years of experience who go the extra effort to ensure your satisfaction! Yanina was extremely helpful and patient in assisting my family with the right home in the right area. She ensured our loan met our financial boundaries, she gave us information to look out for and made us simply feel at ease and comfortable buying our home. I have recommended Full Circle Home Loans to everyone I know there is no one else I would go to. Thank you for everything Yanina and all the staff at Full Circle Home Loans.”

Meg D. – West Covina, CA

“I am a local realtor and have been sending all of my clients to Full Circle Home Loans for the last 5 years.  My experience with them has been nothing but amazing and I feel so confident sending all of my future clients to them for years to come.  If you are looking for a Mortgage broker that knows the ins and outs of the industry this is the company for you..

They have also helped my business grow because of how happy my clients are when their transactions are complete..”

Brooks B. – Redlands, CA

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